Witch Watch
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The Witches’ Creed
And “Do What You Will” be the challenge
So be it in love that harms none
For this is the only commandment
By magick of old be it done.
Moon Phases, Sun Cycles & Pagan Sabbats

The Moonths of November & December 2017 CE
and January 2018
The Moon
Full Moon in TaurusNov 3 10:23pm
Waning Half Moon in LeoNov 1012:36pm
                           Lunar Samhain:
  New Moon in ScorpioNov 18 3:42am
Waxing Half Moon in PiscesNov 269:03am

The Sun
Moves into SagittariusNov 21 7:05pm

Samhain - Summer's End - Hallowe'en
For this witch, it seems fitting that Samhain be celebrated when both the Dark Moon and the Sun are in Scorpio.
Scorpio is the sign that rules life and death. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto—named after the Roman God of the Underworld, known as Hades by the Greek.
The Dark Moon sees the end of the Moon’s light. We experience letting go, reach our watery emotional depths, as the Moon wanes to Dark then No Moon. This happens every moonth, but can be more intense as we face the Underworld, and the beginning of Winter.
The Sun will be at the exact cross-quarter (half way between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice) at 15 degrees Scorpio, on November 8.
No matter whether we choose Dark Moon Scorpio, the cross-quarter, or the calendar date of October 31, there is no denying that this time of year represents a powerful ending—Samhain (pronounced sow-in), Summer’s End in Gaelic. We only have to look out to our gardens to witness death.
And in that find solace. Death is just another change, a constant in life. One day our bodies too will die, but the Sun & Moon always return.
So mote it be.

​​The Moon
Full Moon in GeminiDec 3 7:47am
Waning Half Moon in VirgoDec 911:51pm
New Moon in SagittariusDec 17 10:30pm
Waxing Half Moon in AriesDec 261:20am
Full Moon in CancerJan 16:24pm
Waning Half Moon in LibraJan 82:25pm
New Moon in CapricornJan 166:17pm
Waxing Half Moon in TaurusJan 242:20pm
Full Moon in LeoJan 315:27am

The Sun
Winter Solstice: Moves into Capricorn
                                    Dec 21 8:28am
Moves into AquariusJan 197:09pm

Winter Solstice / Yule

Nordic Yule Prayer
Beneath the tree
of light and life,
a blessing at this
season of Jul.
To all that sit at my hearth,
today we are brothers,
we are family,
and I drink to your health.
Today we do not fight,
We bear no one ill will.
Today is a day to
offer hospitality
to all that cross
my threshold
in the name of the season.

In the dark the light is born.
So mote it be.