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Parents & Tots

Cherryville Pre-School

Cherryville Recycling
& Disposal Facility

Fire Warden

Good Food Box

Richlands Community

Sparks & Brownies

Telephone:  (250) 545 4933
Meetngs in Cherryville every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month, at the Gospel Church; plus more in Lumby.

Highways services.
Telephone:  (250) 547 6168          Fax:  (250) 547 9534

If you would like to learn more about Water Use Plans or B.C. Hydro Operations at Shuswap Falls or Sugar Lake Reservoir, please visit this website.
Alternatively you can contact (250) 549 8550; or 1 800 665 9399

Closest office Lumby.  Click here for list of Cherryville & Lumby postal codes.

Bookings:  Lyndsay Myers          (250) 547 9798
Hall telephone:  (250) 547 6107

Librarian:  Colleen Primley
Telephone:  (250) 547 9776
Hours:  Wednesdays & Thursdays, 4:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. (except holidays)
Free access to the InterNet.

Contact:  Shoshanna Godber (250) 547 6889
Free drop-in program for parents and their children aged 0-6.  Play equipment, music, crafts, coffee & healthy snack provided, discussion, visiting with friends.  Spring time outings at the park and occassional field trips.  Wednesdays, 11:00am-1:00pm, Cherryville Community Hall

Contact: Cathie Hymas (250) 547 2555

Owner/operator:  Ronnie Otteson
205 Aumond Road, Cherryville
On-site telephone:  (250) 547 9668
Hours:  Tuesday & Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
NORD Solid Waste Department:  (250) 550 3744; 550 3700          e-mail
Clean recycling items accepted.

Clint Whitecotton (250) 547 6550

Contact:  Shirley Mitchell (250) 547 6444
Monthly box of quality fresh fruits & vegies for $12.00.

Contacts:  Jim Johnson (250) 547 9403; Jeanne Arcand (250) 547 9898
Burial & cremation plots.  Non-denominational.

In the planning.  For girls age 5-8.  Laughter, adventure, fun & friendship!  A place to be strong and belong.  To be held at Cherryville Hall.  Contacts:  Francine 547 6060, Martina 547 9657, Tracy 547 2403.

2114 Shuswap Avenue, Lumby
Telephone:  (250) 547 8866          Fax:  (250) 547 6285          e-mail

Cherryville & Lumby Postal Codes

Albers Road                                                              V0E 2G5
Arbutus Road                                                            V0E 2G7
Aumond Road                                                         V0E 2G3
Balsam Lane                                                             V0E 2G5
Banner Road                                                             V0E 2G7
Barnes Road                                                             V0E 2G7
Bear Valley Road                                                    V0E 2G1
Beaven Road                                                             V0E 2G3
Begbie Road                                                             V0E 2G3
Bigg Road                                                                 V0E 2G6
Birch Road                                                                V0E 2G5
Bloom Road                                                              V0E 2G7
Blue Springs Road                                                  V0E 2G1
Bobbie Burns Road                                                  V0E 2G4
Brookfield Road                                                       V0E 2G1
Burnyeat Road                                                        V0E 2G3
Byers Road                                                               V0E 2G1
Campbell Road                                                       V0E 2G3
Candide Drive                                                            V0E 2G1
Cartwright Road                                                      V0E 2G6
Cedar Ridge Street                                                  V0E 2G5
Chouinard Road                                                      V0E 2G3
Christian Road                                                        V0E 2G7
Cochrane Road                                                       V0E 2G3
Cooper Road                                                           V0E 2G5
Creighton Valley Road          62 to 2246             V0E 2G1
Creighton Valley Road          2797 to 3258       V0E 2G3
Darrow Road                                                              V0E 2G3
Deuling Road                                                             V0E 2G6
Dunlevy Road                                                             V0E 2G3
Dure Meadow Road                                                  V0E 2G7
Eastwood Road                                                        V0E 2G7
Eight Mile Road                                                        V0E 2G1
Fir Avenue                                                                  V0E 2G5
Franklyn Road                                                            V0E 2G7
Fraser Road                                                               V0E 2G7
Gibson Road                                                              V0E 2G1
Gordon Road                                                              V0E 2G7
Hammond Road                                                       V0E 2G3
Hansen Road                                                             V0E 2G1
Harris Creek Road                                                    V0E 2G1
Heather Road                                                             V0E 2G7
Heckman Creek Rd                                                  V0E 2G3
Hollingsworth Road                                                   V0E 2G3
Holmes Road                                                              V0E 2G3
Horner Road                                                               V0E 2G7
Hurt Road                                                                   V0E 2G5
Highway 6          114 to 1142                                   V0E 2G3
Highway 6          1150 to 2545                                  V0E 2G1
Highway 6          3312 to 4290                                  V0E 2G7
Kerby Road                                                                      V0E 2G7
Lang Road                                                                      V0E 2G3
Lawrence Road                                                            V0E 2G6
Louis View Drive                                                            V0E 2G1
Lumby Mabel Lake Road          164 to 1460          V0E 2G5
Lumby Mabel Lake Road          515 to 3546          V0E 2G6
Lynch Road                                                                      V0E 2G3
McInnes Road                                                              V0E 2G1
McQuinna Road                                                            V0E 2G4
Millers Road                                                                V0E 2G7
Mitchell Road                                                              V0E 2G3
Montgomery Road                                                     V0E 2G1
North Fork Road                                                            V0E 2G3
Old North Fork Road                                                  V0E 2G3
Pemberton Road                                                            V0E 2G7
Pine Avenue (Strata)            # 2675                        V0E 2G5
Pine Road                                                                      V0E 2G3
Powell Road                                                                      V0E 2G7
Proctor Road                                                                      V0E 2G6
Puckett Road                                                                      V0E 2G3
Rangeview Road                                                            V0E 2G5
Rawlings Lake Road                 12 to 302             V0E 2G1
Rawlings Lake Road               413 to 550              V0E 2G5
Richlands Road                                                            V0E 2G1
Riggins Road                                                                      V0E 2G5
Ringle Road                                                                      V0E 2G3
Sadler Road                                                                      V0E 2G6
Shafer Road          12 to 134                                        V0E 2G1
Shafer Road          404 to 404B                                 V0E 2G5
Shuswap Falls Road                                                  V0E 2G6
Shuswap River Drive                                                  V0E 2G6
Sigalet Road                                                            V0E 2G6
Silver Hills Road                                                            V0E 2G6
South Fork Road                                                            V0E 2G3
Specht Road                                                             V0E 2G3
Spruce Avenue                                                            V0E 2G5
Squaw Valley Road                                                  V0E 2G6
Staines Road                                                            V0E 2G3
Stringer Road                                                            V0E 2G4
Sugar Lake Road          10 to 178                              V0E 2G1
Sugar Lake Road          203 to 1681                    V0E 2G2
Thomas Road                                                            V0E 2G3
Thompson Road                                                            V0E 2G3
Timothy Road                                                            V0E 2G7
Trinity Valley Road                                                            V0E 2G4
Valeview Road                                                            V0E 2G1
Westwood Road                                                            V0E 2G1
Whitevale Road                                                            V0E 2G7
Woodward Road                                                            V0E 2G6

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