Cherryville, B.C.
Reynold Mazu

Sugar Shack Farms

VilleBilly Bees

Werner Springs Farm
Creighton Valley Road, Cherryville
Phone:  1-250-547-9424
Farmer; cattle & hay.

773 Sugar Lake Road, Cherryville
Phone:  1-250-547-1111
Owner/Farmer: Alan Forshaw
Farmer's Wife:  Chelsey Hacking
All organic chicken & eggs and organic feed (Broiler Feed, Layer Feed, Dairy Feed, Swine Feed, Turkey Feed).
A lifestyle family farm developing a one-on-one relationship with families who want to know where their food is coming from.
Heritage breed meat birds and laying hens, being fed only high quality organic feed, which is also available for purchase, certified by Pro-Cert.

Sugar Lake Road, Cherryville
Phone:  1-250-547-8841
​Bees, honey, hives and mead ... coming soon!

Creighton Valley Road, Cherryville
Phone:  1-250-306-6447
Owner/Farmer:  Rodney Werner
Farmer's Wife:  Debbee Werner
Hay.  Ethically-raised, non-certified organic beef.
Farming in Cherryville since 1967.

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Werner Springs Farm