Building & Tradespeople
Cherryville, B.C.
Cherryville electrician available.
Phone: 1-250-306-6349

Plumber: Huey Walker
Phone: 1-250-547-2197

Welder: Finn Przybille
Phone: 1-250-558-9670
Fabrication, welding and ornamental ironwork.
Portable stainless tig welding also available.
Custom handrails and guardrails for homes and businesses in the Okanagan; architectural and decorative steel - hand pounded post and beam brackets and t-plates, plant hangers, planters, fireplace tools, etc.; also body armour; gift and decorative items.  

Contact:  Morgan Harvey
412 Sugar Lake Road
Cherryville B.C.
Phone:  1-250-547-6646
Fax:  1-250-547-8944​
Renovations; septic systems.

Owner/Installer:  Gus Lagerquist
Cell:  1-250-309-7876
New and re-roofing - over 30 years experience.

Journeyman Sheetmetalworker & Roofer:
Rob Cunneyworth
886 Highway 6, Cherryville, B.C. V0E 2G3
Phone:  1-250-547-2412
Custom facia, gutter, roofing and soffits.

Owner:  Raymond Fletcher
3195 Creighton Valley Road, Cherryville
Phone:  1-250-547-6378
Construction & custom cabinetry.  Over 40 years experience.

Cherryville, B.C.
Phone:  1-250-308-9436
Journeyman carpenter.  Over 30 years experience.

Cherryville, B.C.
Phone:  1-250-547-6719
Builder, carpenter

Contact: Chris Odermatt
Phone:  1-250-547-2438

581 North Fork Road, Cherryville, B.C. V0E 2G3
Proprietor:  Dave Arcand
Phone: 1-250-547-9898
Portable band saw milling, custom milling, carpentry, repairs, buildings; log cottages & cabins.

Phone:  1-250-547-1447
General carpentry, finishing, renovations, roofs, etc.

77 Cochrane Road, Cherryville, B.C. V0E 2G3
Owner/builder:  Eric Larson
Phone: 1-250-547-6236
Manufacturer of fine handcrafted custom log and timber frame homes.  Also produces custom cut timbers & beams of various dimensions.

Contact: Ray Chapman
Phone: 1-778-932-2444

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